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Who Are Inner Wheel Members
After almost 90 years of affiliation to Rotary, many Inner Wheel members are the wives, partners, or daughters of Rotarians but this is changing. About five years ago Inner Wheel opened its membership to all women and as a result there are increasing numbers of members who are new to the whole organisation.
The demographic at the moment is largely those over 55. Active working lives and family commitments means that many younger women are not aware of Inner Wheel and its opportunities. This is a challenge to all of us now as we seek to encourage women of all ages to join us.
The appeal to those approaching retirement is of course the opportunity to do something with their additional time - a chance to put something back into their communities as well as making new friends.
Inner Wheel supports its members. Life events can sometimes be overwhelming and Inner Wheel membership truly does offer friendship and support at those times.

What Do We Mean By Service
This is very wide ranging. It can be as simple as support a coffee morning for a charity or other fundraising or it can require a strong to commitment to achieving a specific goal, for example supporting a local care home with visitors, or committing to helping in a school or hospital. Sponsored walks and the making up of aid parcels such as baby bundles come under the heading of service.
It is up to you to choose what you will do. Everything helps.

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