Chris Elkin
  • Fee:
  • Phone: 01773 832898
  • Email: chriselkin215@gmail.com
  • Charity: Derbyshire Air Ambulance or The Children’s Air Ambulance.
Gloria Humphrey
  • Fee: Donation to NSPCC
  • Phone: 01623823561
  • Email: gloriahumphrey555@btinternet.com
  • Charity: NSPCC
Jennie Storr
  • Fee: Variable
  • Phone: 01522 522620
  • Email: jennie@thespeakeragency.com
  • Charity:

Jennie Storr is the 'go to' lady for a vast range of speakers at a variety of prices. She also has two or three very entertaining talks of her own. Give her a call and she will supply you with a list of available speakers who will travel to your venue.

Mandy Walker
  • Fee: See Text
  • Phone: 07903 860039
  • Email: mandywalker860@gmail.com.
  • Charity: Great Ormond Street Hospital

Mandy Walker, PP IW Club of Alfreton


I am a Community Volunteer Ambassador for Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSHCC) and I give talks to various groups including Inner Wheel. In relation to Inner Wheel these talks are, primarily, about the hospital and my connection to the hospital. I can encompass Club Meetings, Friendship Evenings involving several clubs at the same time, sometimes along with potential new members of Inner Wheel as well as larger events.

I do not charge a fee as I prefer the organisations/clubs to give freely, according to their enjoyment of my talk and how much they can afford. If I have already spoken at your Club, I can return and speak about something else whilst still raising funds for My Charity. Details of these other subjects, as well as discussing potential dates and times can be obtained by phoning me on 07903 860039 or by emailing me on mandywalker860@gmail.com.

I look forward to hearing from you.