International Service


District 22 International Service
One of the objectives of Inner Wheel is to foster international understanding. Information passed on from previous District International Service Committee Chairmen (DISCC) states “The aims and functions of International Service are to gain a sympathetic understanding of the needs and hopes of the peoples of the world by giving friendship and service in all possible ways and so create a mutual feeling of goodwill.“ This is a massive undertaking, which we can in part achieve by supporting registered charities that help those in need around the world. Clubs throughout the District have their own chosen International charities, making monetary donations and donations of goods – such as baby bundles to NPAC, Christmas shoeboxes and knitted goods to Children in Distress, stamps to raise funds for The Leprosy Mission, SPANA or InterCare, ring pulls from drinks cans to help enable the work of the Purple Community Fund, tools for TWAM.

Inter Care

2019/20 the District International Charity was InterCare and a very informative presentation by one of their volunteers at the District International Rally 2019 gave us some understanding of the health needs of the communities in Africa that they serve.

InterCare appreciate the donation of specific goods, (Please click here to see the list) Goods are sent out to Africa or are used to raise funds to buy the necessary medications to send, or to pay for the transportation costs of sending goods where they are desperately needed. If any clubs have items that are wanted by InterCare and are not sure how to deliver them to the Charity please contact the Area rep on the District International Committee or the DISCC.

This applies to any goods that a club feels would benefit those in need overseas, via any International Charity. (Charities accepting donations July 2021)

If you are not sure where to send things please contact a member of the District International Service Team who are:

North Area Committee Member for Bolsover, Chesterfield Scarsdale, Clay Cross, Retford, Warsop, West Ashfield – Lynda Wallace from the Chesterfield Scarsdale Club.

South Area Committee Member for Beeston, Carlton, Hucknall, Keyworth and Ruddington, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Mansfield, Ravenshead, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Wollaton Park – Margaret Curtis from the Beeston Club and Jane Markwell from the Church Wilne Club.

West Area Committee Member for Alfreton, Church Wilne, Heanor, Long Eaton, Matlock, Melbourne, Swadlincote – Isabel Hopkins of the Alfreton Club.

DISCC –Stella Taylor of the Wollaton Park Club

Inner Wheel has been working with Medical Aid Films and The Butterfly Tree to end Malaria. Both these charities have websites that are worth looking at for further information. Apparently a child dies of malaria every two minutes and half the world's population could be at risk from malaria. Together with the two charities Inner Wheel has helped to make a difference to the lives of many people. 2020/21 our District International Charity was The Butterfly Tree and we had the excellent Jane Kaye-Bailey, the founder of the charity, as our guest speaker at the District International Rally on October 20th 2020.

This year we hope to support the charity Literacy In a Box (www.literacyinabox.org.uk) to send supplies to the school 'Jedidiah Learning Steps' a non profit making school in the outskirts of Zambia's Capital City, Lusaka. It costs £350 to send a box to Zambia.

Pam Boyes (AISCC) asks us to consider supporting WaterAid and IIW Covid-19 vaccination initiative, both of which are offering help to communities in this time of a worldwide pandemic. Please also look at the Association website for ideas of other International Charities to support.