Welcome to Inner Wheel District 22

What is Inner Wheel

If you are new to Inner Wheel  We are one of the largest Women's organisations in the world. Originally founded alongside Rotary over 90 years ago we opened our membership to all women five years ago. Our focus is on Fun, Friendship and Service.  

Fun is found in most of the things we organise whether it be a Coffee Morning, Beetle Drive or Celebration.

Friendship follows naturally from spending time, and sharing experiences with other like minded women.

Service is where we try to put something back both into the communities in which we live and the world as a whole. Service varies from organising fundraisers to assisting others in schools, hospitals and homes both in the UK and abroad. You can do as much or as little as suits you.

We express this more formally as follows:

  • To promote true friendship
  • To encourage the ideals of personal service
  • To foster international understanding 

To learn more about either Inner Wheel in the UK or Internationally visit the websites shown

District 22                        

is one of  29 Districts that make up  Inner Wheel Great Britain and Ireland. There are about 15,000 members across all the districts.

Each district is managed by its own District committee which is elected by the members of the clubs in the district. Each district is unique in its own way and District 22 is no exception to that.

Encompassing all the Inner Wheel clubs in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, District 22 is made up of  28  clubs most with about 25- 30 members.

There are four formal meetings each year, to which all members are invited that discuss the management of the district and where we share our efforts in respect of service.

The Inner Wheel year begins on 1st July  and the first formal meeting is held in the middle of the month.  At this meeting new members of the committee having taken up their roles  and existing members meet  the relevant officers of all the clubs. This allows Treasurer, Secretary, Editor  and International to update all the club officers with changes or additions to their roles, Chairman, and first Vice Chairman will also hold similar meeting. These sub meetings are  followed with lunch . 

After lunch the formal business of the day follows where the previous years District  Chairman hands over  to the New District Chairman,  usually the previous First Vice Chairman. This is more simply described as inducting.